Anyone who has been to a supermarket should easily decipher that one of the most profitable foods (based on variety alone) is the bagged chips category.  And it also doesn’t take a genius to figure out that 99% of them are not good for you.  From their high-calorie to their high-salt to their obscene fat content, these bagged chips are mostly garbage turned into food.

Having said that, the times they are a-changing and many chip purveyors have started offering some better options.  Here at Menos Malo, we are particularly fond of the new Tostitos Artisan Recipe chips, but you can’t really go wrong with Terra Original Exotic Vegetable Chips or Beanitos Black Bean Chipotle BBQ Chips or Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.


If you are anything like me, some days, okay, most days you don’t have time to make a decent breakfast.  What I end up doing is usually going for a couple of slices of cooked ham.  This actually helps me get through the morning and right on to lunch.

Just a few weeks ago I noticed that Winn-Dixie had a “low sodium” version of their ham so I gave it a shot and it turns out that not only am I saving myself about 150 mg of sodium per slice, but it also has less saturated fat than its 97% fat free counterpart.

Deli Ham Slices

Everyone Loves Ham Pyramid!


Menos Malo Bottom Line: Yes, this ham is still probably not very healthy for me, but it sure is “less bad” than the one with normal sodium.