We at Menos Malo are huge fans of the Wendy’s double hamburger.  We have been eating it since they first opened in Puerto Rico way back in the 80’s.

Having said that, it has come recently – not really, we have known for a while now – come to our attention that the double hamburger is just not a very healthy option.  Particularly if you add cheese.

Luckily, Wendy’s does offer some of the best Menos Malo options of any fast food restaurant.

Let the following table show you one of our favorites:

Wendy's Small Chili

Chill, Dude! I Took Care of It!


If you are anything like me, some days, okay, most days you don’t have time to make a decent breakfast.  What I end up doing is usually going for a couple of slices of cooked ham.  This actually helps me get through the morning and right on to lunch.

Just a few weeks ago I noticed that Winn-Dixie had a “low sodium” version of their ham so I gave it a shot and it turns out that not only am I saving myself about 150 mg of sodium per slice, but it also has less saturated fat than its 97% fat free counterpart.

Deli Ham Slices

Everyone Loves Ham Pyramid!


Menos Malo Bottom Line: Yes, this ham is still probably not very healthy for me, but it sure is “less bad” than the one with normal sodium.