We at Menos Malo are huge fans of the Wendy’s double hamburger.  We have been eating it since they first opened in Puerto Rico way back in the 80’s.

Having said that, it has come recently – not really, we have known for a while now – come to our attention that the double hamburger is just not a very healthy option.  Particularly if you add cheese.

Luckily, Wendy’s does offer some of the best Menos Malo options of any fast food restaurant.

Let the following table show you one of our favorites:

Wendy's Small Chili

Chill, Dude! I Took Care of It!

Except for the inordinate amount of Sodium, the small chili is definitely not a bad way to go. Or you could go with the small chili and a junior cheeseburger and still come out halfway decent:

Wendy's Small Chili and Junior Cheeseburger

Meatsa Meatsa!

Check out the rest of Wendy’s nutritional information in one of the best Nutritional Guides out there.

Menos Malo Bottom Line: Skip the fries and order water instead of a soft drink.  By the way, kudos to Wendy’s for listing the 0.5 trans fat content in their food.  Many places are using the loophole to round down to 0.
Don't Be Like This Kid

Next Time Order A Chili and Water and You Won't End Up Like This Kid