Even with the advent of Netflix and other home-based alternatives, we at Menos Malo love going to the theater to see the newest movies that Hollywood puts out.

In particular, if its on a digital projection screen – because the difference is almost as noticeable as high-definition versus standard definition on your TV – you can be sure that we here at Menos Malo are very likely to be at a movie theater at least twice a month.

Unfortunately, movie theaters are death traps when it comes to food.

So, what to do what to do?

You know what? Do like the famous clothing store and FCUK it!

French Connection United Kingdom

Shut the fcuk up. You fcuking fcuk!

If you can’t have one or two days a month were you just splurge on five to eight thousand calories worth of popcorn and soda, then what’s the point of being healthy?

Pop and Corn

Next time skip the Sour Patch and go for the x-large popcorn instead.

So, go for it, buy that large bucket of popcorn and the large soda – don’t forget to get the free refills – and sit down in that comfy chair and enjoy the show.

Menos Malo Bottom Line: This does not mean that you can go to the movies ten days a month and follow this advice. If you go more than twice a month the less bad approach is to buy water instead of soda and to eat a hot dog (no bun) instead of the popcorn. Also, always try to avoid the butter on your popcorn. It tastes good, but it’s deadly.