I don’t know about you, but no matter how healthy I want to be, there are still some cravings that I just can’t ignore. One of them is the taste for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

As we all know a few years back Kentucky Fried Chicken started asking the world to call them KFC instead. This was done in order to eliminate the negative connotation that the word “Fried” carried with it. Fast forward another few years and KFC introduced their grilled chicken alternative as another way to further blunt their perception of unhealthy.

And guess what? Their grilled chicken is certainly “Menos Malo” than their Original Recipe counterpart. Take a look at the following table:

KFC: Grilled or Original Recipe?

How do you like your chicken, green, yellow or red?

As you can tell, neither chicken breast is a picture of health, but the OR (Original Recipe) Chicken Breast certainly has a lot more red boxes (3) than the Grilled Chicken Breast (0). By the way, we added the red boxes (and yellow and green) to highlight the fact that only one breast (and, really, who can eat only one piece of chicken?) is already fairly close to reaching the limit of what you should be including in your daily consumption for those items. For example:

KFC vs. The Daily

Is that Sky Blue?

So, you say, looks like eating Kentucky’s Grilled Chicken Breast isn’t that bad for you. And to that we say, you are correct; however, don’t forget that you have to skip the fries and the drink. We end up usually ordering Cole Slaw, which we can’t stand so it goes un-eaten and a bottle of water instead of a soft drink.

By the way, fries must be so bad for you that KFC doesn’t even list them in their Nutritional Guide.

Menos Malo Bottom Line: If you have to satisfy your KFC craving, go for the Grilled Chicken Breast, skip the fries and order water instead of a soft drink. Oh, and if you remove the skin to the chicken then you can have two or three pieces and while that won’t ever be considered healthy, it certainly is Menos Malo than what you usually order every time you go to KFC.
Kentucky Grilled Chicken

No Thighs Please, At Menos Malo We Are Breast Men. Thank You Very Much!